How do I request a public record?

You can request a public record in person, by mail, email or over the phone.  You do not have to give your name or the reason/purpose for which you are requesting the record.   You do not have to fill out a form; however it is best if you do to make certain we know what it is exactly you're looking for and can you provide you all that you're looking for.  It is also best to establish parameters, such as a time frame or documents of a particular type (minutes, permits, contracts, etc.) so that you are not charged for more than you want/need. 

City staff is not required to do your homework for you, so if you only want permits or contracts or whatever, don't ask for everything related to the subject matter, because our search will encompass all types of records containing those certain key words. 

Public record requests are acknowledged promptly, filled in the order in which they were received and done so in good faith.

ALL public record requests should be addressed to the City Clerk, or by calling 850-243-3566 ext:11. 

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1. How do I request a public record?
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