What is the charge for a public record?

Fees are established by State Statute (Chapter 119/07(4)).   When extensive time, redaction or research is involved, as Administrative Fee of $11.00/hour can also be imposed. Electronic copies are often free as they are readily available.  Public records can always be inspected instead of photocopied; however depending on the scope of the request, the Administrative Fee may apply here as well to cover the cost of monitoring the inspection.  No official or record copy of a public record will be loaned or let out of the City's possession or allowed to be reviewed without a monitor.

The City of
Mary Esther believes that openness leads to a better informed citizenry, which
leads to a better government and ultimately, better public policy. Consistent
with the premise that government, at all levels, exists first and foremost to
serve the interests of the people, it is the mission and intent of the City of
Mary Esther to, at all times, fully comply with and abide by both the spirit
and the letter of Florida Statute Chapter 119, also known as the “Public
Records Act.”

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