What are the penalties for not registering?

The fine for unregistered contracting practices is $250.00. A contractor found operating without registration is subject to an immediate citation and may also be summoned to appear before the City’s Special Magistrate and face additional fines up to $2,000.00 per offense, administrative fees and other enforcement actions.

Additionally, any person found in violation for unregistered contracting is subject to enforcement under Florida Statute 489.127 and may be charged with a First Degree Misdemeanor for a first offense and a Third Degree Felony for a repeat offense.  

Per City Code 13-26 (a) and Florida Statute 489.127 (1)(i), all service contractors, specialty contractors and construction industry contractors, whether state certified or not, shall be required to purchase a city tracking certificate and obtain the necessary permits from the building official or his agent prior to commencement of any work within the City. Contractor tracking certificates expire on September 30 of each year.

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