What is a Code Enforcement Board and Public Hearing?

The City established the Code Enforcement Board in 2001. The Board is comprised of five members, all of whom are Mary Esther residents from different walks of life. The Board was established to hear cases of municipal ordinance and code violations that were not resolved by voluntary compliance. Public hearings are held for each case that does not come into compliance within the time specified by the Code Enforcement Division. The Code Enforcement Board may order fines to be paid by the respondent with a maximum amount of up to $5,000 per day and may order an administration fee to be paid of up to compensate the City for actual costs of prosecution.

In addition, the board also has the authority to order violations to be brought into compliance by steps deemed necessary by the board. If a fine is not paid or the violation is not brought into compliance, the City has the authority to place a special lien on any real property of the violator and may foreclose on the property after three months of the filing of such lien.  

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1. What is Code Enforcement?
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4. What is a Code Enforcement Board and Public Hearing?
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