What is Code Enforcement?

Code enforcement is the act of enforcing a set of rules, principles, or laws and insuring observance of a system of norms or customs. In the United States, those employed in various capacities of code enforcement may be called Code Enforcement Officers, Municipal Regulations Officers, or other various titles depending on their specialization. Per Florida Statute 162.21, a “code enforcement officer” means any designated employee or agent of a county or municipality whose duty it is to enforce codes and ordinances enacted by the county or municipality.

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1. What is Code Enforcement?
2. How are ordinances and codes enforced in the City of Mary Esther?
3. What procedures does the City take when responding to a violation?
4. What is a Code Enforcement Board and Public Hearing?
5. What happens if a respondent fails to comply with the Special Magistrate Order?
6. What are the penalties for violating a City ordinance or code?
7. How do I report a code violation?