Current Projects

City Hall and Library Lobby Improvements

The lobbies of the City Hall and Library do not currently have a physical barrier between staff and customers. This project will reconfigure both lobbies to provide protection for staff, public, and serve to limit future service interruptions from COVID-19. The furniture of the Library computer lab will also be replaced to provide safety barriers between stations and additional privacy.

Status: Postponed due to inflated construction costs.

Hollywood Boulevard Wastewater Improvements

The wastewater main line and lift stations along Hollywood Boulevard are inadequate to serve future development and growth along the corridor. This project will install an additional 8" sewer main and increase the capacity of the lift stations to support development along Hollywood Boulevard, the Santa Rosa Mall, and Renaissance Apartments. The project is funded with wastewater fees and a financial contribution from the developers of the Renaissance Apartments.

Status: Completed January 2021.

Wastewater Clarifier Rehabilitation

The clarifier is currently out of operation. This project will tear down, diagnose, make repairs and return the clarifier to service.

Status: Completed May 2021.

Emory Street Sidewalk

Multiple sections of the sidewalk on Emory Street have settled and cracked. This project will demolish and replace the existing sidewalk, with ADA ramps installed at the intersection of Angela Lane. The storm water culvert will also be relined to improve structural stability and longevity.

Status: Completed July 2021.

Council Chambers AV System

The City Council Chambers does not currently have a permanent AV system. This project will install a new camera system to improve citizen engagement. Upon completion, residents will be able to watch and participate in City Council meetings by phone, tablet, or computer. Recordings will also be available for viewing.

Status: Completed August 2021.

Well # 1 Tank Painting 

During Hurricane Sally several large trees fell on the ground storage tank at Well #1. This project includes the repairs of a damaged valve and repainting the entire tank. This project will be funded by FEMA and insurance.

Status: Completed September 2021.

Bypass Pump Replacement 

During Hurricane Sally the mobile bypass pump failed due to exposure of the elements. The pump is being replaced with a new model, which will be funded by FEMA and insurance.

Status: Bid awarded April 5. This project has experienced COVID-19 related manufacturing delays. Project completion date has been extended to October.

Well #1 Rehabilitation

The well was removed from service in early 2020. This project is a complete overhaul of the well and includes a new electrical system, pumps, piping, and major building improvements to ensure health and safety of the utility operators and water customers.

Status: Contract awarded April 2021. Contractor has ordered the equipment, which presently has a long lead time due to COVID-19 related manufacturing delays. Projected completion date is late April 2022.

Wastewater Package Plant Demolition 

The package treatment plant has been out of operation for more than fifteen (15) years. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) requires any components that are not operational, such as the package plant, to be demolished. This project will demolish the package treatment plant and help bring the wastewater treatment facility into compliance.

Status: The Request for Bids (RFB) was posted on Tuesday, September 28. Bids will be opened on Friday, November 5.

Wastewater Oxidation Ditch #1

The oxidation ditch has been out of service for more than five (5) years due to inoperable equipment. This project will retrofit the existing tank with new equipment and return the oxidation ditch to service.

Status: The project has been placed on hold until a study of wastewater disposal alternatives is completed, reviewed, and considered by the City Council. This study is underway with a tentative completion date of December 31.

Springdale Neighborhood Infrastructure Improvements

The gravity sewer lines in the Mary Esther Drive neighborhood were recently rehabilitated, however, refurbishment of the twenty-three (23) brick manholes was not included in that project. The brick manholes were installed 40+ years ago, have reached the end of their useful lives, are crumbling and cracking, and are a source of infiltration in the wastewater system. The water lines in this neighborhood have also reached the end of their useful life. This project will replace these wastewater manholes, water mains, and repave streets impacted by repairs.

Status: The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity has required an environmental review of the project. A consultant is preparing the documentation and anticipates submission by November 30.