About Us

The Department oversees a variety of day to day operations and activities that take place in the 1.5 square miles of City occupied by 3,900+ residents. The Department is staffed by two full time employees and is responsible for:

  • Enforcement of City ordinances and codes
  • Conducting proactive and re-active inspections of code violations
  • Prosecuting cases before the City’s Special Magistrate
  • Reviewing building plans
  • Issuing construction and specialty permits
  • Conducting building inspections
  • Consulting with property owners and contractors for new and re-development
  • Maintaining cemetery records and coordinating burials
  • Providing regulatory guidance for Business Tax Receipts and Contractor Tracking Certificates
  • Ensuring compliance of the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Ensuring compliance of the Community Rating System
  • Ensuring compliance of the City’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System permit from FDEP
  • Conducting stormwater inspections
  • Preparing road closure plans for roadway construction
  • Providing traffic control for work zones, special events and vehicle accidents

In addition to other assignments, in 2017 there were 300 code enforcement cases opened, 494 ordinance violations cited and 200 permits issued. It goes without saying, there is no shortage of activities to keep staff occupied. But that is why we are here. Whether you need to make a complaint about a code violation, apply for a building permit, need to know what flood zone you are in, or are making funeral arrangements, you can contact the Department Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Please visit the other Department pages for specific information about code violations, permitting, contractor registration, stormwater management, floodplain management and the Jesse Rogers Memorial Cemetery.