Okaloosa County Civic Challenge


Who is invited to participate?  All adult Okaloosa County Residents.  Also, employees of any government body in Okaloosa County but who live outside of the County are eligible.

Which sports are included in the Okaloosa County Civic Challenge (OCCC)?  So far, only one sport, 5K running/race walking, has been established for the first year of competition which runs now through September 30, 2015.  But, you can add more sports.  Interested potential OCCC Sports Coordinators can contact OCCC program administrator Steven Rausch about how to add a sport to the competition.  Some sports, that have been discussed, but not yet added, are bowling, golf, and bicycle racing.

How do I join a team?  Interested potential team Captains for the Team Mary Esther 5K Running/Race Walking team should contact OCCC program administrator Steven Rausch to volunteer as the team Captain.  If no volunteer steps up, Mr. Rausch will serve as Captain of the Mary Esther 5K team until a volunteer can be found.  Interested competitors need only complete two forms, each available on  the City’s website, submit them to their team Captain, and then begin competing in 5K road races within Okaloosa County.

When is the deadline to join a team?  There is no deadline!  Join anytime!

How is the scoring for the 5K running/race walking sport done? Your score for your team is based on your gender, your age, and your finish time for the Okaloosa County 5K race.  You turn in your score to your team Captain and the Team Captain turns in the scores to the 5K Sports Coordinator.  At this time, Mr. Rausch will serve as the 5K Sports Coordinator until a volunteer replaces him.  The team score will be determined using online calculators that take into account age, gender, distance, sport (running or race-walking), and time to calculate a percentage of world record for the age/gender competitor.  This percentage is converted into a score as explained in the presentation available on the City of Mary Esther’s website.

How did the Okaloosa County Civic Challenge Begin?  The first meeting of Team Captains was December 15, at the Mary Esther Library to discuss the Civic Challenge requirements and specifications. The purpose of the Civic Challenge is to promote health and fitness, foster community/city pride, and citizen/government interaction.   Please contact Steven Rausch for more information.


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