Warnings & Penalties

  • All gardeners are required to keep their plots as disease - and weed-free as possible. If a garden is not maintained, a warning will be given. If conditions do not improve, the garden will be forfeited.
  • Any rules to be added or eliminated later must be passed by the majority of the participating gardeners.
  • Complaints, policies, and mediations are the responsibility of the garden coordinator with the Mary Esther City Manager having final authority.

Procedure for Rules Violations

  • First Rule Violation: The gardener receives a phone call to explain the problem, and has 10 days to resolve the problem. If the problem has not been resolved at the end of 10 days, the garden coordinator sends the gardener a letter re-stating the problem and giving the gardener 10 additional days to correct the problem. This letter also states that if the problem is not corrected within the additional 10 days, the plot will be forfeited.
  • Second Rule Violation within a two-year period: The above procedures will be followed, and the gardener receives a letter stating they are on probation for two years.
  • Third Rule Violation within a two-year period: The gardener receives a letter stating the plot has been forfeited