Gardeners, Family & Pets


  • Be considerate of the garden's neighbors
  • Gardeners are reminded to use good personal safety practices when visiting the garden.
  • In the spirit of cooperation, all gardeners shall treat respect and consideration: 
    • The garden
    • Other gardeners
    • Neighbors
    • Visitors
  • No stealing (harvesting from others' plots without authorization), verbal or physical harassment is allowed. Violation of this rule will result in expulsion from the garden.


  • Children are welcome at the garden when accompanied and fully supervised by an adult.
  • Teach young children to stay on paths.
  • Parents are encouraged to bring children to the garden and introduce them to the wonders of gardening. Please monitor their behavior and whereabouts at all times.

Pet Animals

Keep pets out of other plots. Keep dogs leashed and under your control at all times; clean up after pets (city ordinance)